NW Tubes N Hoses

Located in Orchards on the corner of 131st and 4th Plain Blvd, NW Tubes N Hoses is America's #1 Fluidline Fabrication and Service center. We specialize in crimping all types of hoses, bending and forming metal tubing from 3/16" to 1-1/4", custom fabrication and production work for; automobiles, trucks, buses, farm, industrial, marine, mining, construction, forestry, chemical manufacturing, instrumentation, sports vehicles, and much more. We also specialize in building custom brake lines, power steering, air conditioning and fittings for your vehicle, muscle, vintage or kit car.

We can duplicate virtually any tube or hose Metric or American! So come to us for any and all of your tube or hose fabrication needs.

We Manufacture

6707 NE 131st Ave
Vancouver Wa 98682

(Corner of 131st Ave & 4th Plain)


  • Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
  • Metal Tube Assemblies
  • Air Conditioning Assemblies
  • Power Steering Assemblies
  • Control Cable Assemblies
  • Brake Line Assemblies
  • Combination Hose & Tube Assemblies
  • And much, much more…


Step-Down Crimping

Shell Crimping - Low Pressure

Rotary Crimp - Similar to Swaging

Step Up Crimping

A/C Bubble Crimping

A/C Smooth Face Crimping

A/C Staking Crimp

Push-Pull Control Cable Crimping

Food GradeCrimping

Pressure Wash Crimping

P/S Staking Crimp & Bubble Crimping

Thermoplastic Crimping

Teflon Crimping

Steel Wire Crimping

Teflon P/S Crimping

37` Single Flaring to1-1/4'

37` Double Flaring to 1-1/4"

45` Flaring to 3/4"

45` Single Flaring to /34"

A/C Beadlock Forming

A/C Close Quarters Crimping

A/C Male Insert

Steel O-ring Tube Beading

Bubble Flaring

Tube Bulging For Low Pressure

Double Flaring

Teflon A/C Blade Crimping

3/16" Brake Tube Bending

Standard Close End Bending

Extreme Close End Bending

Diesel Fuel Injection Tube Bending

Long Radius Tube Bending

2:1 Complex Tube With Extreme Close End Bend, Tight Transition With 12MM Metric To 1/2" JIC

Slow Radius Tube Bending

1-1/4” Large Tube Bending